I cannot tell whether I know anything at all – love, life, friendship, or even family. Writing had become my emotional support. Whenever I cannot understand the things going on my surroundings, I just let it left to uncertainty. Hence, writing had become my love, my life, my friend, and my family. Usually, the things I cannot understand or the things I cannot tell people verbally, writing gave me the opportunity to become me or who I want to be. I’m not the type of person that express myself and that makes people misunderstand me. I’m quite introvert but because I love writing, I never feel shy, sad, or rather I can be of different kind. I was giving myself a joy and surety of love and live. It has been the greatest sentiment of my life.


Basically, my writings are purely about the thoughts I cannot understand for instance, “Why people give up over such little things that will only give them pain?” So, I try to put myself on different situations or scenarios. If you have scanned some of my works, they are written in first person. Hence, the “me, myself, and I” are always used as representation of my whole being. Sometimes, I write in hypothetical and based on experiences or opinions. The blog is somewhat kind of a diary (LMAO).