What I did

What I did


What I did is to get a job

In order to help my family

Also to give a helping hand to those in need

To reach a dream, to fulfill a goal, to become successful

To ponder opportunities

To divulged the uncertainty

And to create a space and time for myself too


What I did is to gain confidence

Prove myself that I am worthy

That I can do all things with courage

I even quit my dream job

Challenged myself to my weakness

My writing skills to communication skills

It may be cruel but I learned a lot – WORTH IT!


What I did is to improve myself

Do this stupidity and do that unconsciously

I may not be appreciated by many

At least I have that person who stays true to me

I am neither haughty nor petty

But I changed myself to become stronger

And risked myself to this kind of journey


What I did is to find happiness

I maybe alone more that it seems

Lost a friend and miss a piece

But I learned that even I’m alone

I can still enjoy my self-company

And that is to build myself

And regain my inner peace


What I did is to seek for the truth

If ever I was loved by people around me

Or whether I have space in their hearts or not

If they wonder, if I’m fine or doing well

But what I found is nothing but ignorance

To those people who look down on me

And they did took me for granted


What I did is to discover to my inner self

Something inside me wants to escape

Wants to break free with light that will shine

To those people who stayed in me

Even if I’m uninteresting, boring, and unexciting

I know that I am too, to the limit of my ability

Contributing to humanity


What I did is to become who I am

Painfully sweet but FULL of HAPPINESS and JOY

I know where I am supposed to be

What steps should I take, what challenges should I risk

“It’s not what I have been through in my life

That defines who I am; it’s how I got through it

That has made me the person I am today”