The Last Time

This is the last time, I have to say good bye

This is the last time, I will cry

This is the last time; I will say I love you


How long do I need to wait for someone who will not come home

How long do I need to hurt myself over someone will not be here anymore

Do I really need to hide it every day

How I wish that you would stay

That every night I wish I can kiss you

That every time I wish I can hold you with my arms


Don’t you think it’s a little unfair?

When you stay with me but didn’t have the love

You told me you don’t love me but why you are here

As long as you keep on running to my mind

I think I could never forgive myself for loving you again


Where is the happy ending

When I cannot even smile

The pain is only that remains

Should I keep moving on or should I keep holding on

To the hopes which I cannot foresee


Someday I just want to marry you

Because my love for you is always been true

Even though we’re different and yet the same

All man can love as long it is true


But why I feel so blue

Even if it is true, I cannot have you

The world is so cruel

It limits us to be who we are


Im not sure if you’ll forgive me

But as long as I live

I want to say how much I love you

Even if you can’t

I will tell you how much I love you

But this will be the last time

I have to say good bye



Anywhere I look I cannot find you

But when I reached to you

My heart will beat so fast

But how sad it felt when

Our hearts don’t beat together


In the end, I am pained

I cried every time just by thinking of you

I have to let go, I have to move on

Im sorry that I didn’t last long


Maybe we’re not meant to be

That’s why im writing this song

If love is for anyone

Then why is not made for everyone


It made me think that you can’t fall inlove

If it is not really true love

I fell in love but it was a one-sided love

Like a puzzle undone

The piece was already gone


Love is inevitable but only to those people who are truly in love.