In The Accident of Stepping Back

August 8, 2015

After the accident, there is more than experience which I foresee. There is reality and a lesson learned.


Sunday, I went outside to find and buy a paper clip in order for me to settle my resume, cover letter and calling card. At the same time, make an advance reading. I was determined to finish all workload given to us because I want to build my confidence. Since I had noticed that I became tardy and cannot do my job right.  I thought of rebuilding myself yet here I am neglecting everything.


Around 3:30 p.m, I went to the internet cafe, supposedly, to have an advance reading but apparently, I got distracted and just played. After staying two hours and 7 minutes, I decided to go home. I was walking in the street, holding my eight pesos for the payment of the jeep. When I reach the middle of the line of the road, I was about to step forward but I noticed that it was quite impossible to get through. Instead, I step backward. I was confident that I will be safe. But I never thought that stepping back will lead me to a great shock. I just find myself sitting in the middle of the road, looking at my right foot and hearing those people saying “… 961”. It was really a shock that I cannot longer think. The only thing I knew, I was staring at my hurt foot and had the thought that this would be a burden to my family.


I was carried and brought to the hospital. The funny thing I remember, while heading to the hospital, I was able to put my eight pesos back in my bag rather than to think of my foot. Exactly 6:07 p.m when we arrived at the hospital. It was a really pain for me to see patients in which bloods flows in their hurt part of the body. I was physically checked by the doctor if there are damages aside from my foot. After the check, my parents were informed. The police came and asked about the incident. I stayed at the corner until my parents arrived. Seeing them nervous makes me anxious.


The nurse gave me two shots first of different kind of medicine and another one shot at 7:30 p.m for a test. While waiting, one patient arrived. It was about a seven to nine year old boy. His right knee has a deep cut and you can really see the flesh. It was caused by a falling broken piece of a mirror. Seeing the nurse stitching the wound, I feel more pained than the boy but I never heard the boy crying. Later on, one patient arrived again. It was a 35-40 year old man lying on the stretcher. Do you know the funny thing, the man cannot even move yet the doctor let him sign first a document before examining. Seriously, why on earth would you do that first!? Why not check him instead first? These are the thoughts I have in my mind when I saw that happen. I know I am not an expert and not even a doctor or nurse but can you really do that to a patient who cannot even move? I feel very uncomfortable that time. When the time has arrived, the nurse gave me the last shot. My mother asked me if I want to be confined but I refused because seeing patients in that condition is totally hurtful.


The hospital does have an x-ray machine but were not available. So, I was brought to another hospital for the x-ray. There is one sad thing I want to say, the hospital cannot perform the x-ray because we do not have the payment for it. “It is a hospital that neglects patients who cannot pay.” Is this the kind of hospital that really wants to help or is it a hospital that only wants MONEY. Shame on you! F@%* you! Around 8:15 p.m when the payment for the x-ray arrived, then later on performed the examination.


After the x-ray, we have to go back to the hospital to confirm if I there are fractures and there is a need of cementing my right foot. The owner of the truck accommodates us with his car and the employee bought all the medicines I need. Around 9:50 p.m, the doctor gave us the confirmations that there are no fractures and there is no need for cementing my right foot. There are just bruises and swelling of the foot. I need to take the medicines (three times a day in one week) until I recover. The owner really had the sense of remorse because he accompanied us in sending us home and he even bought us food. With this accommodations and service we had with the owner is a result of a quitclaim or dissolution of the claim which was done on Monday. Late night, finally home, I can now rest and take the good nights sleep because tomorrow onwards is the second chance of everything in new me.


If the staircase that was built through confidence, inspiration, and motivation that leads us towards at the end of our goals, keep stepping forward and do not ever step back. If we step back, it is the pain of falling and the pain of the past we will only encounter. I know it is okay to fall sometimes and reconstruct, rebuild, and step again after a fall but do we want to always to repeat it over and over again? If once or twice we fall, I hope the courage and the strength is still there in you that no matter what happen we keep stepping forward, looking forward, and facing every pain and burn until we reach the end of our turn because our dreams, hopes and love at the end of the staircase are one step closer in achieving it.


“First step is new. Second step is complicated. Third step is a fall. Fourth step is pain. Fifth step is retrying. Sixth step is forwarding. And the seventh, God leads us to the very end.”


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