Untold Dreams: Rope of Misery

/*I started writing this as soon as I woke up, a few years ago*/

Who would thought that a man who laugh and find courage in his heart will go for an end.
One night, there’s a strange voice that passes through my door. I cannot express how much would I feel. I just close my eyes and fall to a dream. I’ve been dreaming this man who waves goodbye and say this words “Sorry, sorry that I can’t be with you at the very end”. It was a strange feeling that it seems like a miles apart to reach him out but as I tried to drew closer and hold his hand, he will be blown by the wind and gone.
In the morning as I awoke, I’ve seen my father through the doors. I wonder, was it still bothers him?

I’ve asked him, “Father, is there anything that I can do to help you?”
“Son, would you tie this rope on the walls so I can take a nap and sleep”, he replied.
“Yes father” I replied.
“Thanks Son, would you take care Rhiana for me?” he said.
“Yes father, I will and I promise” I said.

I’ve done what he told me to do but I failed to know the thing that bothers him because as time passes by, I had felt the sudden loneliness in that very moment. As I leave and go to fix my books before I go to school, I saw, I did saw it. There was a tear in his eyes and there is nothing I can do but to ignore those tears, say goodbye and leave.

Wherever I go, I’ve always seen the scenery of my father who cries. Even at school it still bothers me. I’ve been thinking of my father until the end of the day. It was not the usual way it was ’cause back then, we used to laugh at small things. Cry to small things. But reminding it were the big things in our life. If we throw these things back, we stop for a while, pause and look forward for something even greater. We live in our simplest way but because of that, everything has changed.

//Credit to the owner of the featured photo.


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