Failures to Success: Moving 4ward to God

/*Entry to an Essay Writing at our school*/


In every beginning, we step forward for the road we have chosen and take that journey for the life we want. I am very certain that to some extent, things really happen unexpectedly. And I still remember how it was when I first built mine. When I had reached my eighteen years of age, there were some decisions that were life-changing. It was three years back.


After graduating from high school, every student is busy deciding for the course they want, and as for me, it took me so long to reach for a decision. I am quite a failure when it comes to decision making and that is the reason why I always fail.  The only remedy I can do is to accept things as they are. There are three courses that were presented to me: Accounting, Education and Information Systems. My mother wanted me to take BS Accounting at X school. I took the examination and passed it. But as soon as I noticed the I look at my mom’s face when she was staring at the tuition for this course, I already had doubt that this will not work. So, I asked mom to reconsider. Meanwhile, my teachers in high school wanted me to take education major in English or Mathematics. I wonder why they wanted me to be a teacher. My voice is weak and I am not really good when talking to someone. Definitely, BS Education is not for me. When one of my teachers told me about City College of Angeles, and since BS Information System is in demand, I took it. I do nothave anyknowledge or skills needed for this course. When first day arrived, it went well but later on different challenges occur.


As for my first year in college, it went well. I become one of the Dean’s Lister for two semesters. I was very happy and motivated that this will last until I graduated. But when I was on my second year, things didn’t go as I expected them to. I was demotivated. My grades started to fall and I was removed in the Dean’s List and it last for the three semesters. I was destroyed by people. I was hallucinated by a failing course of action. The dreams that I have kept for so long was lost with just a blink of an eye. Stress, depression and anxiety occur. Everything in me had stopped during those days. I was not able to concentrate. I had realized that I was falling to an escalated commitment with this course. I was not able to recognize it that I was lost in a track for five semesters. If I have just measured things before I decided, maybe I am enjoying my college life for years. Until one day, I was met an accident.I was walking in the street, holding my eight peso coins for the payment for the jeepney. When I reach the middle of the line of the road, I was about to step forward but I noticed that it was quite impossible to get through. Instead, I step backward. I was confident that I will be safe. But I never thought that stepping back will lead me to an accident. I just find myself sitting in the middle of the road, looking at my right foot and hearing those people saying “… 961”. It was really a shock that I cannot longer think. The only thing I knew, I was staring at my hurt foot and had the thought that this would be a burden to my family. It was nothing serious but it made an impact in my life. I was so blessed to be awakened. Stand up again. And continue the plan that God gave me. There is nothing I could do about my course. I won’t shift. I will continue it until the very end and that is the only healing I can do in order for me to stay at good tracking. I have to make sure that I can still pursue the goals I have set when I was in freshman. Now, things are doing well and I am ready to move forward again and pursue the dreams I had built.


In the end,whatever plans we have in life, an adhesion to excellence brings us closer to living in success and fulfilling our dreams.  If the journey that was built through confidence, inspiration, and motivation that leads us towards at the end of our goals, keep stepping forward and do not ever step back. If we step back, it is the pain of falling and the pain of the past we will only encounter. I know it is okay to fall sometimes and reconstruct, rebuild, and step again after a fall but do we want to always to repeat it over and over again? If you fall, I hope the courage and the strength is still there in you that no matter what happen you keep stepping forward, looking forward, and facing every challengeuntil you reach the end of your track because our dreams, hopes and love at the end of the journey are one step closer in reaching God’s loving arms.


credit to the owner of the photo.


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