As I wait for the sun to arise

I unfold these pages one by one

I remembered who made my heart

The one who changed my life and make it right

I see the angels praying for us


A dream seen with open eyes

Sunrises that colors to the ground

Rayed the path of life

Shining all around the blue-sky

Warmth with undying love


Now that my story had begun with you

And the sun lights up everything on us

I just wanted to be with you

And as I face the day holding your hands

Infinity in our hearts, shining heaven


When my heart wounded by the past

I was then totally blue and painted with no clues

Shattered everything on my life

Thinking all until I fell asleep

And dream once again with you


In God’s handwriting our story had begun

Starting, aching to see you smile again

I just want to find a way to light up the day

And love you like I pray

I don’t want you to feel the pain in my heart



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