God wants you to read this

Today, I woke up with such ease and peace. It was like, I was connected to the nature. As I go buy coffee at the convenience store, riding a bicycle, I closed my eyes and feel the nature taking me in to its calm and safe arms. The cold morning breeze of the wind brushing my hair; the sun light that touches my skin;  and the chirping birds that sings; it brings joy and a unending feeling of love that wraps around me. As I open my eyes, I thank God for a wonderful journey in the morning.


Happiness must always come in your way whether you feel uneasy or troubled or pained. It must not be removed in you. Happiness is not about you receiving gifts and not by having good friends laughing with you. It is when you smile at times of suffering, at times you felt left alone, or at times when your facing difficult challenges. You overcome these and that makes the world receive the abundance of joy. For happiness is challenged at difficult times.


For the past weeks, I’d been too depressed at to the point that I almost want to give up. During those days, I’d been lifeless, pained, and most of the time I cry because of one thing I don’t want to accept. But yesterday was a big impact. There light up, a courage and a strength. I’d been keeping it for so long and I really don’t want to accept the fact that I’ll be a such thing. (Still, I cannot say it.) But I finally accepted who I became. As I accepted it, I cried, put my hands on my chest, and ask God’s forgiveness.


Yesterday, around 8:00 PM, I had received a blessing of knowledge and wisdom during our home meeting. While writing this, I am really crying but not in terms that I felt sadness but because I felt overjoyed and overwhelmed by how God works on my life. I thank God for my team (The Vito Hunters) and the Best World Lifestyle (BWL). They gave so much support in developing myself. I also thank those people who never gave up on me at the time when I look like a stupid. And of course, to my family who gave me so much life and kept me looking forward for a brighter future.


Today onward, I kept a promised that I’ll do it again one at a time with my family, friends, team and BWL, and with God. I’ll step forward in fulfilling God’s plan and promises.


If ever you want to help me achieve these things, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and ask me.

Thank you very much!

God bless us!

Glory to God!



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